Terramancers is a game I created for the Liberated Pixel Cup. It is a real-time action-Reversi game – you must change the terrain of a majority of the board to your terrain type. Your character alters tiles by walking on them, and every time you alter a tile which has a line connecting it to another of your tiles with no obstacles in between, all other tiles in between also become yours.
On single player mode, trees will regularly create opposing tiles, and you’ll have to hurry up and take control of strategic parts of the board to win. On multiplayer mode you directly face your opponent in a symmetric arena.

Single Player Gameplay

Multiplayer Gameplay

The game is free software, released under GPL 3.0. I did all the design and programming, and the art was provided by the Liberated Pixel Cup organizers and participants. All art is licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

The game runs on Windows and Linux, and requires a JRE version 6 or later (if you have a moderately modern operating system, you probably have that already). To run the game,  simply run Terramancers.exe (for Windows) or execute the JAR file (on some systems it simply means double-clicking on it, otherwise enter “java -jar Terramancers.jar” into the command line, from the game’s main folder).

Controls: Arrow keys (player 1), WASD (player 2).

Get it here. Enjoy!


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