3 comments on “Political stability, participation and rights

  1. This describes today’s Iran perfectly:
    “Therefore, it’s very much possible that some political structure will be created, even with great majority support of its population, and later reach a situation where most people would have prefered a different structure if they could start over, yet still prefer to keep the current one just to avoid the dangers and uncertainty of change. ”

    On the topic of UBI, again in a way Iranian elections don’t matter as much as say German elections because the State is not dependant on tax for its aggressions and maintaining its position of power.

    Wealth from data, AI, and automation will create new kinds of oil tycoons who could own the political system and keep the masses sedated through a meager UBI, consumerism, and media manipulation.

    • That is indeed my worry. I just wonder if we can somehow prepare for this in advance, and avoid repeating what happened with oil, where wealth became concentrated with some of the worst people possible.

      I’m not too optimistic about that though, unfortunately.

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