My name is Shai Shapira. I’m a computer programmer and writer, originally from Israel, now living in the Netherlands. I’ve worked mainly on information systems and gaming in my professional career, two fields I believe have the potential to improve people’s lives in ways not many people appreciate. I’m fascinated with understanding how the world works, and many of my projects and writing involve finding new ways to explore it.

In My Projects you will find various games I’ve developed independently (or mostly independently) over the years. Creating games has always been a great hobby of mine, and my games are often heavily experimental, often made to help me learn various things in addition to being fun to play.

I’m currently reevaluating my plans for this website, there might be some new sections soon.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading.


Any comments, questions, or other feedback that you don’t want to put in the public comments, you’re welcome to send to shaishapira@protonmail.com.

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  1. Al Tisgeri Li Et Adelet: Thank you so much for your English translation!! I’d love you to write the phonetic of the song, the same way that you did it with the name of the song? I want to learn to sing it!! If it’s possible, send me the phonetic to avignalerealestate@gmail.com. If not, with the English translation it’s more than enough. Thank you! I love the song!

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